My son is 14 years old and since he was in second grade he has been taking medication for his ADHD.  We fought long and hard to come to the decision to medicate him but we felt it necessary for his social, emotional, and educational needs to do it.  This past year he has seen how CBD has been helping family members around him and he opted to try it for his ADHD.  We started him on the 300mg of Straight CBD while he was still taking his medication so that he could build up the CBD in his body and not struggle in class while waiting for it to build up in his body.  Three weeks after his daily dosing I began to see him remember to take his new “meds” on his own.  We began stepping down his Focalin and eventually stopped it altogether.  I have to say that we were hesitant at first, we knew what it was like when he was off his meds.  We started checking in with his teachers and to our surprise they said he was still doing well.  I am happy to report he is still on his CBD and we have moved to the Boost CBD so that he has the assistance of natural ginseng as well as the CBD and he is taking it everyday.

 As a parent I am so much happier that he is off the synthetic medication which I am sure was taking its toll on other organs and now I know he is being helped by natural raw organic CBD.