Does it really work????

CBD…Does it really work? Well does it ever!!!!

Let me back track a bit here. I have an Aunt Julie Ann, who I adore!She reminds me so much of my mom, who recently passed away, and over the past few months we have been spending a lot of time together to fill that void for both of us. In recent years, she has been struggling with back pain, sometimes days of being bedridden to deal with the pain and just waits for it to pass.  She struggled with simple day to day activities, such as brushing her teeth, playing with her granddaughter, and embarrassingly enough…getting up off the toilet!

A couple days after Christmas she came by my house to bring my kids their gifts and I was telling her about our new CBD business called Conejo Organics!  She was apprehensive to try the tincture because she knew it wasn’t going to taste the best, but she was desperate to try anything that may help her feel like a normal human again! After all, she had a history of getting epidural injections and they were less and less effective with each shot…how could something natural actually really work? Well I didn’t hear from her for a couple weeks and I was busy back at my day job as a kindergarten teacher after the holiday break, so time passed me by, quicker than I would like to admit! My phone rings after work one day and I see it is her.  I figured she wanted to put together a dinner date or fill me in on the latest family gossip.  Well neither of those assumptions were true….she was singing her praises of CBD to me!!!!! She couldn’t believe that it was actually working, so much so that she waited to call me because she thought it was for sure too good to be true! She couldn’t stop foaming at the mouth about how wonderful she felt! She was able to run up and down her stairs at home without pain, she could do all of her day to day activities without pain, and best of all, she was able to sit on the floor with her granddaughter, Regan, without crawling to find a piece of furniture to help her get up! CBD has helped her get a new lease on life!!!!! Natural really does work!!!!!